Android 14 Beta 2 drops along with bug fixes galore

Not many features from Google I/O, but a huge list of patches

The first beta version of Android 14 was riddled with bugs, only two weeks later Google rolled out the beta 1.1 update. Trouble is, that update only fixed the most egregious bugs, leaving plenty of problems to plague users. Fortunately, Google has started rolling out Android 14 Beta 2 for eligible devices today.

Google announced the new release on its blog shortly after the I/O keynote. During its conference, the company showcased several upcoming Android 14 features, such as new lock screen customization options for Pixel phones, but the release notes for this new beta version only include a few new features and then a laundry list of bug fixes:

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Android 14 Beta 2 includes some new features and changes to try out:

Developer-reported issues:

  • Fixed a platform stability issue that could cause the UI to lag or freeze, apps to crash, or the device to crash. (Issue #270848913, Issue #274339025, Issue #277039789, Issue #25651926
  • Fixed an issue with the fingerprint sensor that prevented adding new fingerprints for fingerprint unlock in some cases. (Issue #277950569)
  • Fixed issues with UPI and biometrics causing some apps to not work properly. (Issue #278003306, Issue #277967514, Issue #278043615)
  • Fixed an issue where the device could not be unlocked using a fingerprint after tapping a notification or selecting a notification action on the lock screen. (Issue #278174846)
  • Fixed an issue on some devices that caused sound to play through speakers instead of connected headphones. (Issue #278043129)
  • Fixed an issue that caused icons to appear almost invisible on the home screen. (Issue #277970542)
  • Fixed issues with gesture navigation that occurred when using a custom launcher:
    • Home screen content is not displayed and the animation fails to render when swiping to go to the home page. (Issue #277981298)
    • Couldn’t access list of recently used apps using normal gesture. (Issue #277983179)
  • Fixed issues that prevented users from interacting with notifications in the notification shade. (Issue #278339342, Issue #276534576)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the device to crash after completing audio or video calls. (Issue #279539689)

Other Fixed Issues:

  • After entering and exiting picture-in-picture mode, screen flickering when launching any apps has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where user restrictions set by DPC administrators were not enforced in Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where after taking pictures with the Google Camera app, opening a recent picture from a thumbnail in the app would briefly display a greenish tint on the picture.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the battery percentage to display as 0% after rebooting the device, regardless of the device’s actual charge level.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the device to crash, and then when the device reboots any wallpapers that were selected prior to the reboot would be reset.
  • Fixed issues that prevented the Good Bug app from uploading bug reports.
  • Fixed issues that caused the Back Home gesture to stop working.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the System Settings app to crash repeatedly.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from searching in the System Settings app.
  • Fixed issues where input method editors (IMEs) would sometimes cause null pointer exceptions.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes unnecessarily increased system-wide memory usage.
  • Fixed system issues that sometimes caused deadlocks.

Google is expanding the Android 14 beta program to more devices today. A few iQOO, Lenovo, Nothing, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, and Vivo phones may now join the fun, though it’s not clear whether these devices will jump straight into Beta 2 or if they’ll launch an earlier version.

If you already have Android 14 beta version installed, you should see this update if you go for this update. Settings -> System -> System UpdateThen tap Check for updates button. If you’re waiting on the sidelines for a less buggy build, you can join the Android 14 beta program from Google’s site to get the update. If you don’t want to wait, there is always a manual way to flash factory images.

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