How the Voyager probes go and go decades after launch | CNN

Each Voyager probe has three radioisotope thermoelectric generators.

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the world with fascinating discoveries, scientific breakthroughs and more news. Pasadena, California CNN – When the Voyager probes lifted off weeks apart in 1977, no one expected that the twin spacecraft would extend their missions from four years to 45 years. Now, the mission team is … Read more

Galaxy’s fault? Astronomers have solved the mystery of a runaway supermassive black hole

Description of a runaway supermassive black hole

This is an artist’s impression of a runaway supermassive black hole. Researchers at the IAC have discovered that the unusually thin structure of stars may actually be a galaxy, rather than the trail left by an escaping supermassive black hole. Credit: NASA, ESA, Leah Hustak (STScI) A study by a team of researchers from the … Read more